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Block any website on your computer

Trick To Block Any Website On Your Computer
If you want to block certain websites on your computer without any software then this trick can  be very helpful to you.You can block any number of websites and if blocked they cannot be opened in any browser like google chrome,firefox,opera and Internet explorer.

For this trick we will edit the host file of the windows and will use the Ip address (i.e localhost).Whenever somebody will try to open the blocked website the user will be redirected to local host.This trick works in windows xp,vista and windows 7
Here is the  Trick To Block Any Website On Your Computer
  • Open My Computer/Computer
  • Navigate to your Operating system drive (Usually C drive)
  • Now goto Windows –>System32–>drivers–>etc
  • Here you will see your Hosts file.Open this file with notepad.
  • Now move to the last line in this file and add the address of the website to be blocked prefixed by

For example In the screenshot below I have blocked on my computer.
Remember that you should insert the Url of the blocked website with and without www prefix as shown in the above screenshot
Now Save the file.

NOTE: If you want to again view these sites again then you have to change these settings that is you have to remove these sites from the hosts file and again you will be able to access on these sites.
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